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Secure commodity trading with Access World’s enhanced warehouse receipt

In the commodity market, warehouse receipts cater to the needs of various participants across the value chain. Traders, producers and financial institutions all utilise these documents to facilitate collateral management and secure financing of their sale and purchase deals. Thus the security of these receipts is of utmost importance in commodity trading.     What…
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Access World’s Indonesian warehouse logistics are on the rise

The logistics and warehousing market in Indonesia has grown in strength over the last few years. A trend that is set to continue on a steady upward rise. The country's largest city Jakarta, in particular, is a thriving hub for the warehousing market. This area is brimming with nearby industrial parks. The growth in this…
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3 Reasons to love working in logistics management

In order to enjoy quality car parts from Germany, cuisine from Italy, or fuel from the Middle East, we need to thank logistics management and trade, and the way this brings continents together. This field is often misunderstood, we get it, it’s something of a mystery if you’re looking in from the outside.   Surely,…
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