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How health and safety programmes improve customer service

It might surprise you to hear this, but workplace safety is for the customer’s benefit too. We all know someone who works in an environment that has health and safety protocols, whether it’s to wear a hard hat on a construction site or practicing aseptic technique in a hospital. We know this is so that…
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Access World Africa’s new rail service initiative

We are always on the lookout for new and improved ways of increasing our services and value to customers. An ever-growing location, Access World Africa provides ample opportunities for growth and development. The latest addition to our offering in this area is a brand new container rail service. Operating between Tanzania and the Zambian Copperbelt,…
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Logistics jobs: We’re busting 5 common industry myths

With so many myths surrounding the logistics jobs, we thought we’re going to chat about some of the common misconceptions. Working in this sector is fast-paced and extremely lively, but that’s not to say you have to fit with that flow. You can find your own niche. Plus, chances are, you won’t feel the effects…
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Secure commodity trading with Access World’s enhanced warehouse receipt

In the commodity market, warehouse receipts cater to the needs of various participants across the value chain. Traders, producers and financial institutions all utilise these documents to facilitate collateral management and secure financing of their sale and purchase deals. Thus the security of these receipts is of utmost importance in commodity trading.     What…
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