How Access World handles project cargo in Australia

How Access World handles project cargo in Australia

Project cargo requires “know-how”, flexibility and commitment to find the best solutions. We have all of the above making Access World your partner of choice for your project requirements!

Access World Australia has proven that no matter how big – oversized, heavy or small, we can be your key to a successful project. These projects take a considerable amount of planning and dialogue with the customer. Every detail, such as site visits, compliance, road permits, and traffic wardens are crucial in respect of the full logistics management scope.


Project Cargo in Australia

At Access World Australia, we provide tailor-made services for your project cargo and are at your disposal to help with the planning and execution thereof! Read about two of our experiences below:


Dual crane lift

With the use of a dual crane lift, a vessel of 48 tonnes was lifted onto a platform for a 300 kilometre journey over a road in below average conditions. The vessel being 32.25 metres long and 3.1 metres wide was transported by truck at very slow speeds for 2 days due to poor road conditions. When the truck arrived at its destination, another dual crane lift was commissioned to place the vessel at its new location.



Access World Australia has experience in moving cargo by jacking project cargo onto platform trailers for transport. Jacking involves carefully raising the cargo and then backing the trailer underneath the load. The crew then lowers the cargo down onto the truck to move it to its next destination.

Want to know how we can help you with tailor-made services for your project cargo, contact us today!

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